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Quadrant Computers


Quadrant was founded in 1982, in Lesotho, to address the country's needs for local consultancy and training facilities in the areas of marketing and productivity improvement. Over the past thirty years, in response to the needs of its growing client base, Quadrant Computers' focus changed to Information Technology Sales and Support with Training and Consulting Services being addressed by Quadrant Training Centre.


Company Vision:

To discharge our responsibilities to the major stakeholders in our business in such a way that we become, and remain, our

CLIENTS' first choice of supplier

EMPLOYEES' first choice of employer


                                                                                             SUPPLIERS' first choice of reseller of their products

                                                                                             SHAREHOLDERS' first choice of investment



                                                                                            OUR CLIENTS will be provided with an excellent choice of appropriate products and service                                                                                               within our area of market focus, that will meet their requirements and add value and                                                                                                        quality to their organisation and their working lives. Clients shall be treated with honesty                                                                                                 and integrity at all times.

                                                                                            OUR EMPLOYEES will always be provided with excellent career and personal growth                                                                                                         opportunities as well as an enjoyable and satisfying working environment with fair                                                                                                             remuneration.

                                                                                            OUR SUPPLIERS will always experience us as an efficient and worthwhile reseller channel                                                                                                 for their products and services.

                                                                                            OUR SHAREHOLDERS will always realise an excellent return on their investment in                                                                                                         Quadrant within an acceptable risk profile.

                                                                                            OUR CORPORATE ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOUR towards the community and the                                                                                                         environment will always be of the highest ethical standards and will reflect the level of                                                                                                       responsibility that is expected from a professional organisation.



                                                                                            To provide and promote an appropriate range of goods and services so that we develop and                                                                                                 retain a market share that is greater than that of our nearest competitor.

                                                                                            To serve our client base and provide a range of products and services to ensure that real                                                                                                   company growth exceeds the inflation rate.

                                                                                            To employ from the local community. 

                                                                                            To develop appropriate human resources so that we may fulfill the purpose of our mission                                                                                                 and thereby maintain our employees' remuneration within the upper.

                                                                                            To ensure that our business part quartile of similar organisation in Lesotho.


                                                                              Commitment to Lesotho:

                                                                              Quadrant Computer's investment in Lesotho exceeds five million Maloti. The managing

                                                                              director has worked for the company in Lesotho in excess of thirty years. Basotho

                                                                              employees constitute 95% of the workforce and enjoy the benefits of the company's

                                                                              training and development policies and programmes. It is Quadrant's policy to support

                                                                              local business wherever possible through the acquisition of local goods and services.


                                                                              Stable Growth and Financial History:

                                                                              Quadrant has consistently maintained growth since 1982. The company has not been

                                                                              involved in any litigation with its clients or suppliers and is in good standing with the

                                                                              Departments of Labour, Trade, Customs, VAT and Income Tax.


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